About Us

We have been working on converting images into digital embroidery files for many years. With the help of our experienced team, we are providing services to clothes, fashion, apparel and embroidery industry since 1997. We offer custom digitizing (punching) logos for garment and textile manufacturers, promotional products companies, sign shops, graphics shops, embroiderers, printers, and digitizers all over the world.

The best thing we learnt from our experience is to understand the behavior of machines. This is a fact that every machine cannot work in the same way by one DST file. Once we understand your machine in first designed punched; this will surely reduce edits in future.

Nothing is impossible and we have punched many graphics which seemed to be impossible by embroiders. No matter how complex the design and no matter how small it is but our team of digitizers is making it possible for machine to sew it on fabric.

We care for your sewing cost and that is reason we make designs with low stitch count. This is fact that many companies in order to increase their billing, increase the stitch count in the logo which not only increase the sewing cost but also affects the quality of the embroidery. We believe quality always comes with less stitch and that is the reason our customers are very satisfied with us in low stitch count with best sewing.