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What is the Embroidery Digitization

Embroidery machine cannot run on its own to convert any artwork to stitch on tee shirt or cap but it requires a machine code file like DST, EMB, PES and many more digital files containing all instructions to run needle on garment. Digitization of an artwork to convert it to machine code is known as Embroidery digitizing. Modern software made it possible to customize your artwork in to DST file in different sizes and according to fabric type. Converting any artwork in DST or EMB file looks simple but its bit technical and requires vast experience. There are many technicalities involve to produce best stitching quality in less time without wasting threads and needles. Embroidery digitizer is a person who understands these techniques of using wilcom software and traces an artwork for best stitching.

Since 1886 people have desire to print their artwork on their garments with different colored threads. At first it was known as punching needle on fabric with hands but with passage of time things changed to modern digitization of embroidery. Thread needle embroidery is much better than printing with liquid colors as its long life and more attractive. Stitching artwork will not attract unless its legible ad beautifully digitized. Using modern techniques on digitizing by tracing artwork is only way to make it up to the mark. Wilcom software made it possible for digitizers to turn artwork in machine files in easy way but stitching will only perfect if certain technicalities are used. Embroiders like those DST files which has less trims, less color changes and stitches. Taking care of precious fabrics is also responsibility of embroidery digitizer.