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Refund Satisfaction

As we are providing Embroidery Digitizing Services and we send invoices at the end of every month for the work done in that month. We do not take any advance payments and our services are credit based.

As we work for our clients for whole month and send invoices for the work done only.

Generally we get paid for the work done and after satisfaction of our clients.

Under any circumstances if you do not like our work or you are not satisfied with our services, we will refund your total amount paid for specific design.

I hereby confirm that all your provided information will be save with us and we will be responsible for any loss of your financial data if we became source for that.

I hereby confirm you that we will refund you amount or adjust certain amount in next invoice if you dislike our services or quality.

Since we provide only embroidery digitizing and Vector art services so there are no complications in our refund policy.

You just email us the Invoice number along with the Logo ID, we will either adjust that amount in next invoice of will refund that amount in your credit card or PayPal.

In case of refund, we will bear all charges of merchant and Credit Card Company.

All you have to do is to keep the record of all invoices along with design IDs and you can apply for refund any time.